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Executive Homes offers you the option of building using the “Open Book-Cost Plus” program which allows you to see the actual costs & builder’s construction management fee. Don’t let your fear of the complex aspects involved in the planning & construction of your dream home prevent you from having your custom vision become a reality.

  • Select your lot.
  • Select our house plan or design your own.
  • Select colors, cabinets and flooring.
  • You may provide your materials or your service if you are a supplier or sub-contractor.
  • Executive Homes obtains bids from our trusted team of
  • You may suggest alternate bidders to help lower your costs.
  • You arrange for your construction loan at your lender.
  • Choose Executive Homes or any other builder as the general contractor.
  • Close on your lot. We then begin the building process.
  • Pay construction bills monthly.
  • Once your home is complete, the construction loan will be converted to a permanent loan.
  • A set contractor’s fee of only 9.0% + $9000 Overhead
  • No change order Fees
  • No change order Payments
  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Surprise Costs
  • No Overhead Charges
  • Work directly with the builder
  • You have the opportunity to participate in sub-contractor selection
  • You may hire Executive Homes for full or partial completion
  • Down payment is determined by your lender & will be held by the title company

Choose From One of These Plans or Create Your Own

PlanStyleBedsBathsSquare Footage
The DevonshireRanch321,444 sq. ft.
The GlenwoodRanch321,511 sq. ft.
The JeffersonRanch321,512 sq. ft.
The WoodmontRanch321,616 sq. ft.
The LexingtonRanch321,676 sq. ft.
The BristolRanch321,679 sq. ft.
The BrenthurstRanch321,730 sq. ft.
The HuntwickRanch321,786 sq. ft.
The JamestownRanch321,803 sq. ft.
The RichmondRanch321,826 sq. ft.
The AuburnRanch321,835 sq. ft.
The BentleyRanch322,063 sq. ft.
The PennbrookRanch322,139 sq. ft.
The BaywoodRanch32.52,157 sq. ft.
The Baywood IIIRanch32.52,292 sq. ft.
The Baywood IIRanch32.52,326 sq. ft.
The MadisonRanch32.52,350 sq. ft.
The Executive WindsorRanch32.52,458 sq. ft.
The BarclayRanch32.52,468 sq. ft.
The Executive YorkshireRanch322,470 sq. ft.
The Executive Windsor AtriumAtrium Ranch32.52,730 sq. ft.
The Briarcliffe1½ Story42.52,219 sq. ft.
The Cambridge1½ Story 4*2.52,450 sq. ft.
The Hampton1½ Story42.52,499 sq. ft.
The Executive Hampton1½ Story42.52,805 sq. ft.
The Fairmont1½ Story43.53,011 sq. ft.
The Briarcliffe IV1½ Story43.53,057 sq. ft.
The Executive Vicksburg1½ Story 4*2.53,062 sq. ft.
The Amhurst1½ Story42.53,376 sq. ft.
The Ashbury1½ Story43.53,405 sq. ft.
The Executive Ashbury1½ Story43.53,405 sq. ft.
The Addyston1½ Story42.53,687 sq. ft.
The Executive Ashleigh1½ Story43.53,816 sq. ft.
The WilliamsburgTwo Story42.52,471 sq. ft.
The BriarwickTwo Story42.52,644 sq. ft.
The Briarwick IITwo Story42.52,906 sq. ft.
The Executive WilliamsburgTwo Story42.52,978 sq. ft.
The Executive BriarwickTwo Story42.53,004 sq. ft.
The AugustaTwo Story42.53,134 sq. ft.